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Lol Skin Ideas Compilation Pt.1 by Sapphire69
Lol Skin Ideas Compilation Pt.1
So me and my friends has these crazy skin ideas that we would like to share so this is the first set because i barely have time to draw nowadays.
1. Barbeque sona was inspired because most of her skills match what you can see when you're doing barbeque...really.
her passive is throwing meat consecutively flaming bbq as her q then saggy meat that demoralizes the enemy as w then a cold frozen meat as a slow for e passive. her q soundwaves are replaced by bbq flames that shoots out of nowhere then her auto attacks throws coals then flaming coals for q-empowered AA. Her w skill is a smoke that heals allies because that's what also happens if you can smell the scent of meat... it invigorates you. The initial animation of the E skill are red hot coals popping out of the grill, if allies step on them they run very fast. It's logical. Her ult is a furnace-like intensity when the grill is set to a very high temperature.
2. Drone Anivia is of course inspired by the modern drones. If she falls in combat then she returns to her passive that instead of the usual egg is replaced by a drone assembly kit box that has locked chains and has a warning label on top of it. Her auto attack is a drone gun, nothing much to say about it but the movement animation is change if allies or items give a speed buff she then activates the boosters. Her W is a barbed wire wall instead of the usual ice wall. Her E is a missile launched under the wings that deals tons of damage. Her ult is what's fascinating because instead of the usual washing machine ult she opens the hatch on her back and starts deploying the uplink to call an airstrike then the circle has crosshairs onto it for more badass then the washing machine centre is instead replaced by what you can see from an airstrike. Whenever she casts her ult there's also a mini audio clip that says "airstrike inbound" or other terms using a female computerized voice which could be awsm.
3. Starting the release of Dunkmaster Darius there has been a lot of dunkmaster skin ideas but few cared about brand which in fact is the first champ to look like a bball player. Come on just look at him, he's like look at me i'm holding a ball only it's on fire. Maybe not a dunkmaster but someone who is a basketball-themed idea for a skin. His passive and E remains unchanged IMO. His Q when he skillshots he throws it like a bball player shoots the ball and when he stuns an audio file will play indicating that he "scored" a shot. you know what i mean because it's hard to explain that part. His W pillars has a base of the center court image and hoping what rises up are spotlights instead of flames. His ult is quite interesting because he passes the ball and it keeps on passing(bouncing). Added cheering audiences/fans soundfile while ult is cast for a more bball game-like experience.
4. Actually this is the starting point for our crazy skin ideas. The Heartbreaker skin is an opposing skin to the heartseeker skins during february. Who's more likely to have this skin none other than Vi? I mean the skin fits her perfectly but we dont know what to design to her outfit rather than the usual black/fishnet outfit at first (maybe it can improve with suggestions) Anyway this skin has retained the classic Q. Her W proc has broken heart indicator instead of broken defense. The bellows from the aftershock of her E has broken hearts flying in the air . The last but our most favorite part of this skin is the ult because the animation if she ults a male champ is changed to her choking/ grabbing by the collar and saying break up quotes like "get dumped!"(get dunked) or "time to break up!" and many breakup quotes. As for female we dont have ideas yet...

If I have the time then I could do the part 2 which includes RedCoat Caitlyn and Demonblade Gangplank so far so if I have no other ideas so far then I'll not do it.


Journal Entry: Fri May 24, 2013, 8:19 AM

Just sharing my pixiv page that's all thank you…

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